Free Telephone Help

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Diagnosis & 5 Min Fix

£28 for diagnosis
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Pricing Terms

No Charge if Our Engineer Can not with 100% Certainty Diagnosis
No charge if we are unable to diagnose… this is the difference with being charged for call out or a diagnosis
Diagnosis Charge
Oven Repairs Charge £28 for diagnosis only in the event we come out to do a fixed price repair that you have agreed to in principle and you decide when we get there that you don’t want it completed! ( If you cancel 3 hours before and we don’t or haven’t attended the property then No charge will be due)
Oven Repairs offer 2 guarantees a 3 month guarantee parts and labour & a 6 month guarantee parts and labour
Fixed price repairs come with a 3 month guarantee(due to not always being able to fit genuine components at the low price point) Our repairs with unlimited labour and genuine parts always come with 6 months parts and labour.
Brands & Pricing & Best Practice
It is not always possible to repair certain appliances within some brand ranges with our fixed pricing but you’re more than welcome to use our unlimited labour or negotiate a win win with one of our engineers directly. Oven Repairs is owned wholly by Appliance Repairman & Appliance Repairman has a reputation for getting the job done right the first time!

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