All Types Of Domestic Electric Ovens Repaired

AEG Electrolux Fan Oven Repair

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Why Choose Oven Repairs…

Urgent Cooker – Oven Repairs within 48 hrs
Oven repairs recognise the stress and frustration caused when your electric oven or electric cooker develops a fault, that’s why we guarantee to repair your oven within 48 hrs or we give you £5 off!
No Wild Charges
Fixed Price All Inclusive – Means you only pay the one off low price quoted!
No FiX – No Fee!
If we can’t repair, we don’t charge!

Problems Solved…

Oven No Heat

Oven Over Heating

Oven Not Heating Up Enough

Oven Cutting Out

Electric Tripping when Oven turned on

Hob not working or regulating

Ways To Book

Text details 07538 538 138

Call 01394 474 999

Problems Not Repaired

Glass Replacement

Timer Replacement

No GAS Or Microwaves

What We Fix!

  • Fan Elements

  • Oven Fixings

  • Thermostats

  • Fans Motors

  • Side Elements

  • Grill Element

  • Oven Base Element

  • Hinges

  • Hot Plates

  • Hobs

  • Oven Lights

  • Fans

  • Regulators

  • catches - latches

  • Switches

  • lenses

100’s Of Brands Repaired Including…

Stowmarket Oven Repairs

01449 860 084

01473 396 999

Felixstowe Oven Repairs

01394 474 999